Online Poker Games Subway Biker - bike racing, subway surfers, bike race free, stick stunt biker, ninja revenge
Subway Biker
Subway biker
Itís all about bike racing in extreme level
So how is this ultimate bike racing game played?
Ride the bike as fast as you can, tilt your device from left to right to make sure that you avoid the other vehicles.
Every time you avoid the vehicles, you earn a point.
This bike racing game is in high speed so better be careful, one wrong move and you might hit the subway surfers along the way.

Subway Biker Ė Bike Racing Ultimate Feature:
- 3D HD graphics to fully enjoy the bike racing adrenaline rush!
- - Multiple bike race free levels!
- Expect non-stop stick stunt bikers on each level!
- High-speed racing avoiding the subway surfers and other vehicles on each levels.
- the interactive device action gives high excitement!
- Create a friendly bike race free competition thru the games online sharing interface.
- Like your childís endearment, this ninja revenge is priceless but comes to you for free!
The background story of this game is quite dark but itís essential that you need to know this. As an ex-ninja mobster, your former comrades are planning to silence you permanently because you know too much! Making sure they get to you, they murdered your family. Desperate, grieving and alone, you swear for justice and ninja revenge! One by one, you run after the ninjas that ruined your life. Riding your motorcycle as a lone ninja biker, going from one place to another, you survive the stick stunt biker.
Help this ninja revenge survive each bike race free now!
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